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Winter Tree Care Tips-Everyone Should Be Following These

Apr 11


Chicago and the surrounding suburbs aren't strangers to freezing winters. It is crucial to keep an eye on the condition of your trees when snow is falling on your property or your business. Your trees could be stressed due to the winter cold weather, which can lead to costly problems further down the line.

Our arborists at georgetown tree service are well-versed in the challenges that Midwest winters bring and are able to aid you in making sure your landscaping or your yard are properly taken care of. We can take care of all of your commercial or residential tree services needs, including tree pruning, tree removal and trimming trees.


In this article, we're going to talk about some winter tree care tips, so that you can make sure your trees are in good health this winter.


Tree Cold Stress

Did you know that trees can become stressed from the cold and frigid winter conditions? There are many forms of cold stress. It is usually caused by a sudden shift in temperature between daytime heat and nighttime low. It can be felt on the wood and the bark of the tree. Cracks can be the result of frost.


Winter Drought

Certain trees in Illinois, including evergreen trees can dry out during winter. To be able for a tree to be affected by drought it has to lose more water than it is able to absorb from the ground that is frozen. This situation can be made more difficult by windy weather.


Broken Branches

The weight of hail and snow can cause broken tree branches, creating an injury risk to you as well as your loved ones. Winter is a dangerous time for branches of trees, specifically for trees with deciduous leaves and those that shed their leaves each year. The trees of these types can get more brittle in the winter months, but with the right maintenance of your tree by Tree Service, you can take a proactive approach against this risk during winter.


Rodent Infestation

As winter is nearing, rodents such as rabbits and mice will begin looking for food. As food supplies become scarce rodents will be able to chew the bark on your trees, causing damage during the vulnerable winter months.


Structural Pruning

If you have younger trees on your property, you might need to engage an expert tree service to structurally cut your trees. This procedure involves the removal of diseased branches crossing branches, and many more. Although one branch with a diseased condition may not seem like a major issue right away, however, if you keep the branch on the tree, it will become bigger and spread to other branches in time.

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