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Apr 11

Planning is essential before you start the daunting task to build your home. Planning and execution can make all the difference in building a home that you love or one that is costly. The value of your home could be affected by the presence of trees. Trees Of Georgia's Roswell tree experts can help you make the right decision for your future. Tree removal can be difficult for homeowners with new properties, but professional eyes can make it easier.

A general contractor, or builder, does most of the work in building a home. The contractor oversees sub-contractors. Many homeowners are ambitious and would like to build their home. It is essential to understand the basics of starting.

The first step to building on a property is clearing the land. Before you start laying the foundation, ensure that you have a flat surface that can support the work. Help and support for Portland Tree Service is available here.

You will first need to draw a map to show the area you want to clear.

After construction, mark the areas of natural growth you want to keep in your yard.

You must remember that utilities in your home will require support, both above ground and below ground from tree service portland me.

According to the Council of Tree and Landscaper Apraisers, a mature tree is worth anywhere from $1,000 up to $10,000. Trees can increase the property's value. Trees that have been damaged or diseased during construction or are otherwise unattractive could pose a danger to the property's future.

These types of tree injury are the most common:


Diseases (moldy, fungal, etc.

Storm Damage (broken limbs, leaning trees, lightning damage)

Construction Damage: This is damage to roots, altering ground level and compacting too much soil around the root system.


Before you hire a tree trimming company to trim your trees in Portland, do your research. Trees of Georgia has the experience and expertise to safely remove hazardous trees and preserve your land.

If the trees on your property are of any value, it makes sense to contact timber buyers. Multiple buyers will guarantee you the highest price for your lumber. This is where Roswell's tree removal service can help. Alternativly you can make your lumber into mulch, if it's not of any value.

After clearing your land, you can level it before building. This is called land grading. Land grading makes the space usable and protects it.

Tree Preservation

Builders often prefer land clearing because it makes construction easier. Landscape design plays a major role in curb appeal as well as land value. Your yard won't be able house birds, shade them, or add beauty and character to it. These are the top tips for conserving trees to benefit your property.

There are many trees that Portlanders love, such as:

  • Southern Live Oak

  • Princeton Elm

  • River Birch

  • Magnolia

  • White Dogwood

  • Crape Myrtle

These trees can add great value to your property, increase its aesthetic appeal and aid in rainwater irrigation. You might consider keeping one of these trees instead of removing it.

Why not start your own garden?

If you don't already have trees, you can plant them. The hardest part of building a yard is planning for the planting of your own trees. Before you plant trees, it is important to allow roots to grow. Concrete foundations and driveways could buckle as a result. You can take preventative measures to help save money in the future. Planting a tree on the east side of your house can help you save hundreds of dollars in energy. You will save hundreds of dollars over the life span of the tree as it matures. Tree removal portland maine specialists can help you plan the perfect trees for your land, property, and curb appeal.

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