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Stump Removal Georgetown KY

Mar 13

There are many reasons to remove a tree from your property. But what about the stump left behind by the tree? Depending on the preference of the client, stumps can either be completely removed or ground to a fine art.

These are just a few reasons to have stumps removed from your property using stump grinding services in Georgia.

1. Stumps can be a refuge for pests

It takes time for stumps to decay and rot. The termites, beetles and ants that are attracted to the rotting and decomposing wood can spread throughout your yard. The termites will initially be attracted by the stump, but they will eventually spread to other parts of your yard and possibly your home. If they get to your house, it could lead to a high-priced pest control bill.

2. Your yard is cluttered with stumps

Stumps are ugly, let's face the facts. They can sit in your yard, taking up valuable space and potentially decreasing curb appeal. A large stump can block space that could be used for a landscape bed or other outdoor living area. Even a small stump can cause problems, especially when you are mowing your lawn. This creates another obstacle that makes it more difficult to navigate and makes it even harder to mow.

3. Stumps can pose a danger

Running or walking on your lawn can result in a trip over a stump. Children and animals could be seriously injured if they trip on a stump. Combining the insects with the hardness and strength of the wood could cause serious injuries. Potential liability could be created if guests trip and fall on the stumps. A stump can cause serious damage to your mower or edger when you mow your lawn.

4. Stump grinding can be less painful than stump removal.

Total stump removal can be very difficult as it involves digging out the stump and root. This could be a problem for property owners who have septic tanks. Roots may become entangled with drain field pipes. Georgetown Tree Service employs a stump grinder machine to reduce the stump into a pile of wood chips. The wood chips can be used to mulch stump grinding, which is an environmentally-friendly option. The roots will stay in the ground, but eventually will decompose.

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