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Tree surgeon accidents: A warning for homeowners

Dec 27

Tree surgeon accidents: A warning for homeowners

  • "56-year-old died after falling from a ladder"
  • He fell from a tree and died at the age of 44
  • "Man working alone fell on his head and died from injuries to the head"
  • 'tree sprang again and killed him.

These are some of the injuries associated with tree-work. According to statistics, tree work causes the majority of fatalities and major injuries.

Tree surgery is dangerous. You have probably seen a tragic news story on television or in the local newspaper. Sometimes, a day meant to make the garden a better environment ends in broken lives. You can see that accidents can lead to fatalities and injuries in professionals.

Take a step back and consider this: Nobody would think of setting foot on a deep-sea arctic trolling boat because they know how to catch crabs with string from a seaside dock.

Tree work can be dangerous. Tree surgery poses a risk to the health and safety of the tree surgeon.

To perform tree surgery, you must let someone unqualified and untrained (and often uninsured). You:

  • Increase your chances of an accident or injury
  • Increase your chances of being held legally liable in the event that an accident occurs. Property owners are bound by common law to take reasonable care to avoid harming their neighbors

Garden Risk Management

The accident statistics regarding work at heights and with chainsaws are alarming.

Experience and staff competency are key to completing the job safely. Let's take a look at the differences between professional and amateur low-risk approaches.

What does safe tree surgery look and feel like?

These are key safety factors to minimize risk, liability, or the possibility of an accident.

  • A proper plan is essential for the initial site survey. Take a tree assessment. We are happy to visit you and let you know if you require professional work. We'll perform a risk assessment and plan the work.
  • Professionals should be trained to do aerial tree work.
  • Working in the ground can be just as dangerous as working in a tree. Gravity and falling branches can cause serious damage
  • Avoid lonely working. Communication with others is essential in the event that an accident occurs.
  • Training - Nobody goes to sea just so they can catch a crab at the pier
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Essential
  • Escape routes – Planned before any equipment or chainsaw is turned on

60 people were killed by tree-work activities between April 2000 & March 2013. Many others have suffered injuries and lost their lives.

Tree Trimming San Antonio doesn't like drama but this is serious business. It could be the best decision that you have ever made.

Your garden will be beautiful in the future.

While we appreciate your hard work, we are more concerned about keeping you safe. We hope that this helps. It all comes down to planning and preparation.


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