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Commercial Property Tree Care

Dec 27

Commercial Property Tree Care

Commercial Tree Care Daytona

There are many responsibilities for commercial property owners that are a top priority.

Safety is the number one priority

For safety reasons, the main reason trees must be maintained on commercial properties is safety. Trees left unattended on a commercial property pose a significant liability risk. Our area is prone to storms, so branches and trees that fail could pose a major problem, such as injury or death, damage to buildings or cars.

A qualified arborist should inspect trees every year. ISA-certified arborists can identify potential issues and recommend a course, such as bracing and cabling. Perhaps they will find decay or insects at a tree's base that needs to be removed in order to prevent future storms.


As landscapes grow and mature, they can block views and limit sightlines. It is crucial to ensure that all entrances and exits to your commercial property are easily accessed and clear of obstructions. This is both important for pedestrians as well as cars.


To ensure visitors have enough clearance for parking and exiting, trees should be maintained. For normal-sized vehicles, this usually means trimming trees with a clearance of between 8 and 15 feet. To avoid damage to larger vehicles, or features like a loading dock, delivery point, or loading dock, you will need additional clearance.

Building clearance must also be considered. Trees that are too close to buildings can cause damage to roofs and other structural problems, which could lead to costly repairs.

Start with a positive impression

A well-maintained and attractive property is a way to impress clients. You care about the property, and you choose to make it more beautiful. A fertilization program such as our SEASONS can help to build strong trees.

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